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  1. Hi ! Kacem El Ghazzali,
    Your situation is quiet similar to mine, I’m a born Muslim too (from Pakistan). Though I didn’t become a Hafiz, i have read the Koran (and parts of it in English translation too). As a child i never used to pray (no one strictly told me to and my parents didn’t pray either). 2 years back I started to develop an interest towards religion (before that i knew nothing and didn’t care either), i read a lot and became influenced a lot (by Islam). I even went to forums and had very long discussions with Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and atheists. I thought my religion was perfect so mostly (according to myself) i would win the discussions/debates.
    BUT slowly as time went by i started to realize my mistakes, i started to see the ignorance and i started to see the deficiencies in it all. I’ve come to realize that in reality WE KNOW NOTHING and NEVER WILL KNOW ANYTHING for sure and that is the ONLY undeniable truth.
    So now i feel like I’m an Agnostic.
    What i have also learned is that being an Atheist is also like being a Muslim or a Christian, any believer etc because Atheist claim there is NO GOD whereas in reality WE CAN NEVER KNOW (hence Agnostic).

    After having said all that I would like to ask you, that are you sure you want to write a blog on and publicize your decision to leave Islam ?? Because I think according to many Muslims such a person should be given a death penalty !! That is the reason I never share my thoughts aloud with everyone.

    One more thing I’ve actually had a religious experience which compels me to believe in God if nothing else.

    • Hey dude,

      I visited your blog, and posted there a comment!



      • bismillahirahmanirahim ! salafi

        i know that you are morrocan jew, i m from casablanca and i live in sweden .
        Normally the jews has no believe you are using the situation there because the salafist are under the torture and dictator in diferrent prisons around morrocco . i think you should comeback to allah qasem. i know that you dont diserve this name .
        we morroccan salafist here in sweden knows where your residence is .
        just be carefull about what you say to morroccan islamists.and dont forget that morrocco helped you from hitler.
        morroccan salafi .

  2. Hey,man I’ve seen a youtube video and you were in it.Also,I’ve seen you on France24.I love your blog,keep it up.I’m from Saudi =D

  3. As for your interest in capricious weather, Switzerland should be a good choice :-)

  4. It is sad that sometimes bad personal experiences can turn you off subjects like faith. Though faith is personal and should never be imposed, I find that the realities of life is just very much human, the abuses even more so, but that it does not necessarily reflect the grand total of things.

    I know many Muslims whom have had hard upbringings and bad experiences and yet kept their faith and remained proud of it. Also those that have rejected it as you have. These, however, have chosen to take a more, let us say, pragmatic and global view which I also take.

    Let me guess, you actually do not live in Morocco? I get the feeling from your postings about that country you have not or do not live there.

    • On ne perd pas la foi parce qu’on a eu de mauvaises expériences.

      On perd la foi parce qu’on n’y croit plus.

      Trop d’incohérences, trop de contradictions …c’est aussi simple que cela.

      C’est vrai pour toutes les religions mais ça l’est encore plus pour l’islam cette religion où même un meurtrier musulman vaut mieux qu’un paisible apostat.

      De ce fait, on sait qu’on n’a pas le droit à l’erreur.

      La cruauté de l’islam envers ses apostats est la meilleure preuve de la sincerité et de la conviction de ces derniers .Il faut vraiment être sur de la fausseté de l’islam pour pouvoir le quitter.
      Et c’est encore plus vrai pour les apostats du monde islamique qui eux en plus doivent vivre dans une société qui leur sera complètement hostile.

  5. Why do we have to know that you are atheist? it is your own business,so what are you looking for to make this call about Ramadan? are you looking to be famous or what?or do you want just to hurst muslims bu this?

  6. it is not gonna work pal, you are not respecting the others.
    it should be a mutual respect not climbing on the back and feeling of the others.
    that’s only my mind about the subject!

  7. Ramadane karim a tout le monde,que dieu nous réserve bcp de bonheur,amour et succés.

  8. أصبح غبائك منتشر في النت
    لك معي موعد في النقاش ان شاء الله

  9. today say and beleive what you went but think about after death there is one god create me and you and all .

  10. Fack you a weld lhram

  11. I admire your bravery , but i don’t think that we have the courage to do it . Personally , i’ve think about it , but the first thing that come to my mind is how my parent can react , my mother will be very sad , and i can let that happen , we can be killed by “islamist” . i think that the first step is to let them accept us as atheist , and let them be more tolerant more comprehensive .
    I didn’t learn much koran , and i don’t think that i know much about it , but i can’t admit that what islamist are doing is not the right religion !!

  12. i was atheiste once now i believe in god but i beleave that we born in this world we had not chosen our country our parents or religion we come with anowne aquation and we must live, and the only sacred thing is life, we born free and we must be no religion must be forced for every one we must have a choice and let this oppotunity for others i regret that in islamic countries this choice is not availebal but sur will be one day it’s just question of time, i m in admiration for your courage, allthrough i have some reservation about the method but if you think that you ve right go and bon courage. excuse my english

  13. hi kacem i like your initiative of stop fasting in ramadan

    it doesnt matter anybody!!!
    “I think, I’m here”
    who created you? BASTARD.
    Second, If you are moroccan, thzen say to us from which tribe???
    from which bone???
    from which race???
    we, REAL MOROCCANS, know our origins,
    so I am certain you are a boy of the street, no father known, no mother,
    i am certain a billion times percent that you are a baby of whoredom

  15. اللعنة عليك الى يوم الدين ايها الزنديق. GO TO HELL!

  16. Hey Kacem first of all I’ m sending you my greetings I also admire your legendary bravoury.
    as you know Islam is the worst religion in the world,since anyone who leaves Islam must be killed.I’ve read alot of islamic books ,I’ve come to one deduction that this religion must be thrown away otherwise people will suffer.Islam doesn’t recognize human rights,freedoms of all sorts no respect for women neither for minorities.Ramadan is a month of laziness hypocrisy ,the majority of muslims in this month try to show a nicer image of their fast but in reality they ‘re starving.so stop this hypocrisy.

  17. sifaw, you obviously do not live in a Muslim country …….

  18. hey man keep up your way and live your life away from who want to destroy ur life i really like u

  19. Hi Kacem,

    I’m a Christian, I believe in God, but I have no problem in accepting your opinions, I even like some of them. Also I’m not the kind of Christians who accept all things said by their priests because I believe in “Trust but verify” way of thinking, after all priests are also human being who prone to err and history have proved how wrong a priest can be. I put great concern on the violent of Islamism because I also live in a Muslim majority country and don’t want people I love hurt by it.

  20. amazigh non-musulman

    Hey Kacim,
    What should Muslims in the world realize is that Islam is a religion, thus, it is a personal choice, what should Muslims know is that when they circumcise their own children, they actually are taking off their flesh which “God” have created, and that flesh belongs to their child NOT to the parents, and what is worse is that when the child becomes a grown up, circumcision weakens his sexual pleasures , because the flesh that was cut from the penis contains many, sexual veins. read this article:

    keep on the fight Kacem

  21. Hi Kacem,

    I am writing from Germany. I think what you do is very important so never let those dumb and meaningless intimidate you or threaten you. All they are capable of is hatred and prayer wheel-like arguments that do not make sense in any way.

    I cannot imagine what it must have been like growing up in an environment filled with so much hatred against anything seeming to be different. Although I am atheist I think religion is somewhat important for society concerning charity and morals – yet EVERYBODY has the right to believe or not believe whatever the hell they want to. Hope you do alright and never give up your fight for freedom….

    best wishes

  22. Hello Kacem,
    I really enjoy your blog. I think you are immensely brave to do what you do.
    Keep writing and thinking for yourself. I wish you the best.

    From a Moroccan girl in Canada

  23. Très jolie initiative .. j’espère fort que t’auras l’énergie jusqu’au bout .. chapeau bas pour toi et que d’avance abba !! sééééR !!

  24. سؤال: هل بجوابك هذا سترضى بالحرية الجنسية لوالدتك أو لأختك أو لزوجتك أو لإبنتك ؟ و هل أنت متأكد بأن لن تتضرر نفسياً و شخصياً ؟
    ثم لاحظت إستهزاءك من الأخت ( لا تنعتها بأختك لأنك في نظري بعيد كل البعد أن تكون أخ أي مغربي(ة))

  25. الغابة هو المكان المناسب لحريتك ستجد اخوانك هنالك يمارسون حريتك على امهاتهم واخواتهم ………… واعلم ان المغاربة برئين مما تدعوهم اليه وان عصرك مر عليه 14 قرنا

  26. tayler the creator

    hi kacem , atheism is becoming a religion as i see it in you, so are we facing a metha dilema here ? ,,,, and if atheism is a religion and you are a radical atheist (its stated in your FB profile )it makes you a radical religious person :D , no difference between you and boul7i that you critisize :D


    • i like this comment as its one of the only ones, writing without swearing and just giving a point of view…respect! discussions like this would lead to world peace….. ;)

  27. Allah existe malgré tes pense ….lire et comprend le saint livre… et stp la ilah ila allah not mean ther’s no god but allah….mean thers only one god ….

  28. hi dude … u r a fucking retarted ignorent who wants to deviate us from the road that we r following of islam ….. get out of here and dont give us your bullshit again pls because we don’t need the fucking ignorents like u those i even doubt they don’t know what is islam …. our religion is too strong than u …. and all what we need in our life , the holy book of Koran explains it, so pls don’t show urself again and don’t let people laughs at u !!

    • hi dude..they’d spell it IGNORANT and the expression “dude” aint proper english, so go work on that first before you embrace the world with your “wisdom”…thx…

  29. Who give a fuck whether you are a muslim or not. Islam doesn’t need piece of shit like you. If you are a blogger, you should be moderating your fucking comments. You are ignoring people that took the time to post a comment whether be it positive or negative.

    Get a fucking life you piece of shit. Burn in hell.

    • WHO ARE YOU TO KNOW WHAT ISLAM NEEDS OR DOESNT? ALL FELLOW READERS, how can this be accepted…. and to you too, siddiqui, swearing is haram to believers…but in your case, its excused as all hope is gone, anyways….. shame on you!

  30. i hope you won’t remove this comment :) ( Freedom of expression )
    i think you’re really brainless , because you believe in such lies , stop lying on yourself dude. god exist & prophets / messengers exist . go do something useful , this is not the right way to be famous .

  31. ur a sick twisted something not even a humain being cz a humain being have a brain even tho i repsect ur position but it’s funny for me to seesomeone messing up his life over the net as a big failure *

  32. Servant of Allah

    hey Kasem, plz read this carefully :
    {يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا مَنْ يَرْتَدَّ مِنْكُمْ عَنْ دِينِهِ فَسَوْفَ يَأْتِي اللَّهُ بِقَوْمٍ يُحِبُّهُمْ وَيُحِبُّونَهُ أَذِلَّةٍ عَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ أَعِزَّةٍ عَلَى الْكَافِرِينَ يُجَاهِدُونَ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ وَلَا يَخَافُونَ لَوْمَةَ لَائِمٍ ذَلِكَ فَضْلُ اللَّهِ يُؤْتِيهِ مَنْ يَشَاءُ وَاللَّهُ وَاسِعٌ عَلِيمٌ إِنَّمَا وَلِيُّكُمُ اللَّهُ وَرَسُولُهُ وَالَّذِينَ آمَنُوا الَّذِينَ يُقِيمُونَ الصَّلَاةَ وَيُؤْتُونَ الزَّكَاةَ وَهُمْ رَاكِعُونَ وَمَنْ يَتَوَلَّ اللَّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ وَالَّذِينَ آمَنُوا فَإِنَّ حِزْبَ اللَّهِ هُمُ الْغَالِبُونَ}

  33. man,do u know wtf r u doing? did u read about mohamed?did u read about the Quran?did u read about anthony flew?in my opinion u r in the wrong way!

  34. Kacem, thank you for your bravery , and i enjoy reading all of what you wrote , i know what you’ve been trough cause im suffering from the ignorant of muslims myself and the curses and everyday someone is trying to convince me with their stupid imaginary stories to get into the religion , but i refuse either they kick my ass with the meaning of the world or they walk away and make a scene of it , anyways im glad you got out of this country and man never give up we support you all the atheist people in here support you , keep on going maybe we get our right to freedom in beliefs .

  35. fatima bouirabdane

    Hi .good luck kassem.

  36. kacem & Youssera & all athest …. Vous soufrez d’une crise d’identité, vous devez visiter un psychiatre car votre situation devient plus critique :( … mais ne vous inquiétez, vous êtes déjà écrasés moralement dans la société musulmane. donc je m’en fous de vous.

    • Franchement c’est vraiment dure à lire les commentaires des gens qui ne se débrouillent pas en français écrit…. Raté l’école un peu trop? peut-être c’est ça? En tout les cas, je crois que la connection entre “formation raté” et “ingnorance” se prouve assez dans les commentaires tels que ceci….

    • “vous êtes déjà écrasés moralement dans la société musulmane” = bravo !vous avez résumé parfaitement ce qu’est l’islamo fascisme que vous vous appelez religion ! je suis d’accord avec vous

      revoyez le coran sur l’apostasie, les femmes, la liberté, la justice = de la haine, encore de la haine et toujours de la haine, le rejet de l’autre, appel au Jihad à travers le monde entier, la sharia et ses ignobles monstruosités, bombes, tortures, crimes d’honneur et j’en passe….

      je vous plains.

      kacem est un Homme, un vrai Homme libre et contrairement à vous refuse la soumission d’une doctrine du moyen âge qui vous rend esclave.
      respect à ce jeune homme !
      continuez à vous soumettre ! pendant ce temps là, nul n’est besoin de réfléchir !
      En temps que “mouton” non pensant, vous finirez Hallal ! fabuleux destin !


  37. citoyen du monde

    cher ami ta uelque lacune en culture et civilisation marocaine, ce que tu dit ça peux marché si tu maitrise ça
    fait gaf ya au moins 25 millions de marocains contre toi.

  38. لا شك أنك سوف تضحك على كلمات مثل الجن والأرواح السفلية .. والقرين . ولك عذرك .. فإذا كنت لا تؤمن بروحك أنت فكيف يتوقع منك أن تؤمن بجني ..وإذا كنت لا تؤمن بالله فكيف ينتظر منك أن تؤمن بشياطينه . ومع ذلك لو كنت ولدت منذ مئة سنة وجاءك رجل يحدث…ك عن أشعة غير منظورة تخرق الحديد ، صور تنتقل في الهواء عبر المحيطات في أقل من ثانية ، ورائد فضاء يمشي على تراب القمر .. ألم تكن تضحك وتقهقه وتستلقي على قفاك أضعاف ما تضحك الآن .. وتقول لنفسك .. هذا رجل هارب من مستشفى المجاذيب ومع ذلك فيا لها من حقائق ملء السمع والبصر الآن

  39. You muslims are sucks Hhhh gathering of shit !! keep up kacem on your way ! we use our brains , they use ther’ ass xD
    Whatever i say , i only think to say this for you jerks : the evidence for existence of the gods must be objective, strong and convincing, not just the existence of gods inferences allegation is an extraordinary claim requires strong evidence This is one !
    Two : So that the “insured person to prove the existence of god” is not enough to approve, by logic, the truth is not decided by logic, logic is a tool of analysis and conclusion, but in the event of a conflict with the facts, logic, then logic does not mean anything to atheists :)
    ‘N thank ;)

  40. marocain moulhid

    WTF!! ^¿Porqué censuras lo que te escribí man? soy ateo y moro como tú, te hablé de Nietzsche pero tu no tienes ni idea ¿vrais ou pas? solo otro oportunista qui connais pas Leo Ferré…

  41. respect and support from Lebanon!
    All for freedom of thought and belief! I hope the Arabs will wake up one day and understand what it means to be a free human.

  42. I am moroccan woman and I live in switzerland. I am 30 years old, i wonder since I’m 16 years old, get updated very often really a religion?

    NO, my conviction.

    I grew up in morocco and I think that people who claim they are muslims were the worst and the common. I’ve seen a lot of suffering and violence. Now with my attitude to mindfulness, peace, justice, respect and friendship, i’m feeling very well and have overcome my depression. I believe in the mother-to-earth-nature.

    Bravo for the step, I’m totally behind you!

    p.s sorry, my english is very bad :)

    • Noelle, t’as superbien ecrit, je suis totalement d’accord!!!!! moi aussi j’habite la suisse et j’ai les memes sentiments auprès des “musulmans” croyants…. aujourd’hui, un marocain m’a dit que “je suis pas ton frère”, juste parceque il m’a pas reconnu tel que musulmane d’origine (baida ana..)…. c’est l ignorance totale et LOIN de la vraie religion! courage, ;)


  44. Hi Kacem
    Writing to you from the “cheesecountry”, found your article in the Tagblatt and i found it very couragous, i think you are a smart thinker, well ahead of the societies of the arabic world.
    To all the angry moroccans here, dont judge him, for me personally, only god can judge, this is my opinion! if you do it anyways, then you have to judge all the other moroccan zizis too who come here to switzerland directly from agadir or ‘kech, pretending to be married to a man (homosexual marriage is possible in europe) JUST to get their documents settled, just to be able to live here…. so this is ok for you, you think? you dont think this is haram?

    so this is ok but Kacem beeing free to feel bout religion the way he wants is haram, is shame, is lshouma? well, i think this all is SCHIZOPHRENIC, …. mankind is killing itself by all this hate the human beeings create themselves….ridiculous… Freedom shall be an universal good, but you ignorant dumbies judge people for their personal opinions and think that you do well?
    I support Kacem’s mission and i wish him to go on like this!

  45. Greetings Kacem, from California, along the Pacific coast of North America. Be safe, live long, keep speaking the truth, it shall set us all free. The world doesn’t need religion, it needs reason, logic, and science. You have millions of friends out here in the world. Don’t let a bunch of ignorant fundies get you down. I look forward to keeping abreast of your blog! Peace brother!

  46. Hi Kacem! This is Cedrick from the Philippines! Keep the flame burning. Continue exposing the skeletons in the closet of this murderous religion called Islam.

    I am with you against this backward, stone age and hate-filled pig-loving religion.

  47. It is not easy raising my kids as Freethinkers in Texas, USA, but I am confident it is no where near as difficult and dangerous as it is in the Middle East. Stay safe and stay your path.

  48. Hi Kacem,

    I think what you and all other ex-muslims are doing is one of the most respectable, senseful and noteworthy things one can do with their lives. I’m an ex-catholic; stepping out of that insane and degenerated church already took me a lot of courage and caused me to break the relationship with almost my entire family. But I cannot even try to imagine how much strength you must have in you to speak up against the illness of your ex-religion.

    Keep up what you’re doing. You’ve got the entirety of free thinkers and non-believers behind you.

    All the best

  49. keep up the up the good work Kacem. I appreciate your courage. I am moroccan, I am an atheist, and there is nothing wrong with that. And for those who think that I am not a real moroccan because I am an atheist, here’s my answer: I am amazigh

    Abdallah, a proud moroccan atheist :)

  50. freemanmighiss

    I have watched some of your videos and i was impressed by your academic languages ,your strong beliefs ,carry on brother , Amazigh from Morocco

  51. مسلم و فخور

    و الذين كذبوا بآياتنا و استكبروا عنها اولئك اصحاب النار هم فيها خالدون & فمن اظلم من افترى على الله كذبا او كذب باياته اولئك ينالهم نصيبهم من الكتاب حتى اذا جاءتهم رسلنا يتوفونهم قالوا اين ما كنتم تدعون من دون الله قالوا ضلوا عنا و شهدوا على انفسهم انهم كانوا كافرين & قال ادخلوا في امم قد خلت من قبلكم من الجن و الانس في النار

  52. Hi Kacem,
    I am a german muslim girl and I am really impressed by your work. I have learned the islam with the coran and not with muslim people. I have learned that islam includes the word” love,charity and peace”. From this it follows, that people who threaten you and abuse you can’t be real muslims.

    ….and after all, the word “kuffar” desn’t really exist, because every single human being in this world believes in something

  53. Hi, Kacem, I like your FB and ur Blog,

    I’m deaf atheist in UK not in London, live in North west of england near manchester. I know what islam is, I can’t stand with islam religious so Can I ask you a question? The Islamic in London want to change into Sharia Law, I’m really shockin’ if Sharia Law change in Uk, Will atheist, catholic or christian will/must change into muslim or stay my religious? Im not very good english sentence, forgive me.

    Keep good work and stay your life and in the future.


  54. a tout les marocains …. Vous n´ êtes pas jugé comme stupide si vous êtes musulmans.
    Les athées croient vraimennnnnt en une liberté d´expression.

  55. I find it incredibly sad that people feel threatened and angry when others declare disbelief in their god. This reaction of anger is actually a sign of weakness and insecurity in their beliefs. If their faith in god were strong they would not feel threatened or angry, perhaps just sad.

    I grew up a Christian and eventually let go of my faith because I concluded all the claimed evidence for god is flawed. I saw some of this reactionary anger towards me by a few Christians when I left. But it seems like Muslims are filled with a hundred times as much anger towards those who leave their faith. Is the faith of so many so weak that they feel threatened by people like you?

  56. my friend , i m a morocco student in Paris ! actually i spent two mouth watching tubes of you reading about you in different articles , i read for those who are against you for those who support you i was trynig to figured out the way you re thinking where did you get that courage from ? cause i know it must be so diffuclt and the world couarge i m sure of it ! I m so openminded i m so tolerent more than you think and i beleive anything cause i beleive of the values of Democracy i m respect the Difference and i know how to deal with it which the most important part !!! I m muslam and i m so Pround of it not only that i m sure of it and i know that the life i want to live not because i was born in an arab country but i m canvianced with its philosophy in life , by the way i m not trying i m not trying to justify what i m for u cause i don t have to ! Brother , dear friend Be whatever you want , however you chose think express yourself ! But as i said before the Mature man the Wise person respect the difference and i hope you could do the same cause in your comments you make fun our our religion you attack negativly our values which are the Mean issue in our life ! so how could ask for respect from people while you re teasing them making fool of everything meanful for them !! don t you have to star first i m not asking you to change your opinions but i m asking to learn to respect before giving us your Values lessons ! thank you again it was just a notice and of corss i have nothing againt you nothing at all i m not allowed to judge anyone nowone is ! best wishes

  57. Hello Kacem,

    i am a follower of your activities, articles and thoughts, i am moroccan living in europe, born and raised in morocco, i have never did the ramadan or went to the mosquee, i remember that i had constant problems with my profesor of islamisme, i am an engineer though my thinking is all logic and scientific, no word in the coran nor the behavior of the muslim people fit my thoughts, more, muslims are violent toward non believers, thus i couldnt reveal my atheisim choise to anyone.

    this is just to give a small idea to muslims who gonna read this through your blog, i am one of hundreds exmuslims who think the same, israel or masonic people doesnt give us anything, its all about FREEDOM.
    this is also to give you a message of support and wishing you the best in your life.

    n.b : We dont fear any salafist coward who express his opinion through violence

  58. Olla Kacem,

    i admire youre courage and wish i could come out of the closet. For about five years i have been a atheist but for my family a non practicing muslima. I dont think i can tell my family about mij disbelief because i know for sure i would lose my dear family. So i chose to life a free life in my mind. Sometimes i think my family suspect that i dont think very higly about belief but they also choose to keep that under the blanket haha. Keep the good work and i hope one day it will not be a an issue whether your are a muslim or a non muslim. maybe for our children.at least. Greetings from the netherlands from a morrocantamazight woman.

  59. a female atheist (who still got lots of morals, yaya.)

    hey, biiiiiiiiiiiiig respect for your work in communication. and hello to other readers!
    I wanna say that even when you say you’re an atheist here in western europe it is not that easy, I often stand alone with my view in front of a group of people. latey, I said to 2 of my girlfriends that I don’t even believe that soul and body are devided (I read too much on neuro science haha^^) – they looked at me with big eyes: *whaaaat?!?!*. felt like an alien. here, in the speak-what-you-like-society.
    — so how heavy must it be for muslims?! how hard, not to come back easily to your homeland and family just because of your different point of view.
    // nevertheless I respect the religious background (christian here) as a base for (my) history and developement in morals and so on. I give respect to the positive sides of the religious history, it should not be forgotten. it was the point of view before mankind found out more through science. now we’re over this, mankind can go on, process for the better.
    //how I came to atheism: 1. I got used to the imagination that the universe is endless > this is hard to imagine > thinking there is no super power like god is also a hard imagination. 2. I cannot believe and simply don’t wanna believe that there is something evil like hell. so if there’s no black there’s no white (heaven). yes the world is more complex than black and white.
    // the more the world grows together through technique, transport and all that. but they rarely meet in their minds, what a pity. is there hope?
    // peace <3

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