Childish Left and Islamophobia

The right wing wants to use the prevalence of the dark side of the religion (an unfortunate fact) in order to achieve its objectives: expel all immigrants, and “purify” the country..

The left wing, supposedly the protectors of human rights and universal values, adopt the opposite view, and ignore the elephant in the room, preferring to retort the same cassette over and over about “Islam the peaceful religion”, and how those who oppose Islamists are just islamophobic, xenophobic and the sort, ignoring the real problem and preferring the ostrich policy of burying their heads in the sand, than to face it..
Their position probably comes from the naive notion that if the right wing says something, then the opposite of it must be true..

and the right wing unfortunately, given their principles and objectives, would be the first to notice a threat to the integrity of their “beloved nation”, so, we would expect the right wing to adopt their position first, and the left to simply react to it.. what they don’t realize is that in some sense they are being manipulated by the right, and falling into their trap (whether that was meant from the beginning or not), because as the problems caused by Islamists will grow, more and more people will become less immune to the right wing discourse…

So the left must sit down for a moment and define its own independent views based on a rational understanding of the situation, and not a mere emotional and childish reaction to the right wing discourse.. When I first came to Switzerland, I tried to work with the left wing group, but in their eyes I was a young Islamophobe, as if defending myself against those who want us dead is Islamophobia?

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