The article 3 of the Constitution stating “islam the State’s religion” violates the Moroccan citizen’s rights

According to the article 3 of the Constitution, “islam is the State’s religion”. This article therefore prevents any possible secularization of political life in Morocco, which means that any law that doesn’t conform to the islamic law couldn’t be adopted by the moroccan legislator.

Some of the consequences generated by this article:

– The impossibility within the State to separate the civil society from a religious one, which doesn’t adapt with conception of the democratic rules as known throughout the world.

– The individual freedoms, such as concubinage or drinking alcohol, are not guaranteed by the moroccan Constitution.

– According to the coranic rules, a woman can only inherit the half of what her brothers do, and therefore by law doesn’t enjoy the same rights as the man.

– Polygamy is still permitted in Morocco.

– According to this article of the Constitution, each citizen is considered a muslim, and is therefore not allowed to eat publicly during the fasting of Ramadan, to drink alcohol, or to convert to another religion.

– Even if a big majority of our representatives approve a law that contests this situation, this law would be rejected by the constitutional court, a situation which prevents any possible change.

– Christians are not permitted to evangelize in Morocco, and are not even allowed to distribute humanitarian aid in the name of their organizations.

– Moroccan authorities authorize without mercy the torture and slaughtering of millions of sheep in horrible conditions, during the sacrifices required by a religious celebration.

– An huge part of the moroccan State’s budget will be allocated to the ministry of islamic affairs, which increases the government’s expenses for reasons that don’t concern the social development of our country.

– Homosexuality is forbidden by the law.

– A testament that doesn’t conform to the coranic inheritage laws will be considered as invalid after the person’s death, which means that a Moroccan citizen is not allowed to bequeath his possessions according to his will.

– Marriage and divorce are entirely submitted to the coranic laws, and so there is no kind of civil or contractual marriage.

– Any European citizen wishing to marry a Moroccan woman must convert to islam in order to have his marriage recognized by the moroccan state.

– All new-born in Morocco has to be given an arabic or islamic name in order for his parents to register him in their district.

– It is strictly forbidden to doubt Muhammad’s prophecy or even to criticize Islam.

– Moroccan citizens that convert to another religion, such as Christianism, don’t have the right to build their own worshiping places, and are not allowed to gather into public associations.

– Each Moroccan after his death must be buried according to the islamic rituals and in a muslim cemetery.

– Any apostate who publicly denies his being muslim automatically loses his rights to heritage.

– All new-born from a non-married couple will be considered as a bastard by the State.

– Sex outside of marriage is forbidden by the law.

Islam being the only reference upon which the Code of Personal status is based in Morocco, we reject this situation because it contradicts the realization of a Civil State, where each citizen can choose for himself the matters of his private life. For this reason we ask for a secular constitution for our country, knowing that millions of muslims live under good conditions in secular countries.

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