Hamza Kashgari: Our right is yours

The day I created my e-blog on the net, I didn’t know I would sink in a borderless sea, a sea with no shores, no ports to be found… only waves, treasures and deeply sunk secrets.

I didn’t realize then I would enter a true war, using totally different weapons, not less dangerous than the ones used by soldiers in -deadly and all covered by blood- battle fields, neither knew I that because of my writings, I’ll be persecuted, threatened to death, expelled from school, and charged in court, then I’ll find myself obliged to spend the rest of my life in exile…

The internet technology, blogs, and social sites, have been a point that changed my life upside down, might be because I was wrong about internet being a free space for claiming and defending my rights, and writing down my own concerns or, those along with problems of my society, uncensored, or accused, or maybe I was too drugged with the power of the Holy Freedom, the only holiness that teaches us not to sanctify a thing, while gaining power and keeping all the sacred to itself…

We got used during the years, being forced to watch in standard mass media same subjects, same news, same TV programs, using the same language, and through the same old ideology. Many Moroccans had boycotted watching TV or buying national newspapers, which they think that don’t represent them in any way! Maybe the young are the most outraged to this reality than others… among these young people, there are many names that suffered and suffer unparallel persecution, because of their position concerning religion, politics or sex, but –these young people- are denied the right of speech and freedom of expression, because touching such matters as religion or politics –especially if your words are described as oppositionist and refusing- is prohibited, so you may easily get arrested, or even murdered and being confiscated your right to life.

You live in a society, to which you’re linked only by manifestation of fake culture, and you don’t feel any affiliation, often sitting with yourself and for hours alone you think, why am I here? In this very point standing, chained and can’t move? Why do I have to undergo the negativity of this reality instead of working to change it? Why don’t I make my first steps towards freedom since I am defending my cause based on universal human rights?

The questions repeated inside you, your feelings mixed, boiling in endless movement, you suffer and die thousands of times, without leaving this life, then you find only the keyboard, and the internet connection, you start a blog, or creating an account on facebook, and social networks, mostly with fake name, pseudonym so you postpone date of your end a little further. And you start your digital struggle, pushing the buttons strongly; an avalanche of sweeping anger becomes letters, then words, transforms into articles… with time your cause has audience… supporters and opponents. Comments fly, ones saluting, thanking and supporting your bravery, and very close, others insulting you, threatening, wishing you death…

This is the price to pay for freedom, and you expect every second, that police might break your door, arrest you then judge you as a criminal of opinion and free expression, or maybe some of your opponents –who read what you wrote once- would recognize you, blindly angry to your guts and your impolite thoughts, and he’ll harass you, then leave you laying down in the streets, like dry fruit skin…

Thus look like stories of all internet-activists living in dictatorial and theocratic countries… Syria, Morocco, Tunis, Egypt, Algeria, Iran or Saudi Arabia… However despite of all of this, they are not scared, and they think not of taking back their words, since the first day they signed commitment to internet, they swore that nothing will change the course of their love for the cause, the dream for democracy, nothing will affect these; no prisons, nor threats, nor any other practices.. Internet has given us the opportunity to fight using intellectual weapons, where facing every dictator in the world, together with their detention centers, armies, and all their tormentors.

Internet together with our kind obsession with freedom are all what we have as weapon, nevertheless these are lethal, dangerous weapons… prevent their eyes of sweet sleep and make them change their plans thousands of times against us, presuming that they can stop the wind of liberty from blowing stronger and stronger, and will of People are mightier… thank you internet, and thank you the spirit of the inventor, and those who contributed to its development. Thank you also facebook, twitter, youtube… shortly speaking, thank you very much technological progress and its father-thinker: Sciences

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  1. freedom of speech u bunch of idiots, i say fuck all religions & the followers of any ideal that anyone considers more important than a fellow human, coz religion aint a living, breathing, eating, working or a sexual thing!!! its just another thought & its not the higher power of energy.

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