Muslim Migrants Want to Hide Behind a Veil !

Skin color, gender or belief cannot be a barrier to achieving integration within European or Western societies which are secular, democratic, multicultural and allow for a richness and diversity of races and backgrounds. Most of migrant communities within these societies have been able to melt into their host nations completely, adapt and grow without having to abandon their beliefs, languages, food or drink habits. Therefore they have been able to establish themselves within those societies and make important achievements. They were not barred from participating in politics and are involved in the decision-making processes. They have been allowed to assume high and sensitive responsibilities, something they probably wouldn’t have dreamed of in their countries of origin. They are athletes, artists, ministers and heads of parliaments, businessmen and academics.

Concerning the Moroccan and Muslim communities and the issue of integration, I think it is better to look at the arguments that irritate most European public opinions and that constantly try to depict Muslims as being persecuted and oppressed victims; -as a communist that does not enjoy individual freedoms, like the freedom to wear the burqa and other fashionable cloaks (probably to hide the bruises and wounds left by the husbands or brothers on the body of Muslim women). As long as they (Muslims) are the owners of the “absolute truth,” any encroachment that is susceptible to anger their one and only God may tomorrow lead to new demands asking for the closure of bars for example or for making kissing in public or making love unlawful, under the pretext that their beliefs, religious and moral senses have been hurt.

Despite all this, hostility directed against Muslim migrants is explained by things such as racism or xenophobia. We often forget (perhaps voluntarily) that the behavior and actions of these migrants are absolutely in opposition with the values of the host countries who paid heavy prices and long bloody years of struggle to consecrate human values and universal human rights and to ensure the continuity of the democratic system of governance.

One of these behaviors that are backward and the product of the Muslim migrant’s mindset are the activities of Islamist groups operating in many European countries such as France, Belgium and others. They are mostly active during election campaigns directing messages at all Muslims, urging them to boycott elections and ask for the Sharia Law to be implemented, considering that Europe’s democracy, which allows for the common citizen to run for the highest office for example, is blasphemous and contrary to the law of their Beautiful God.

Most of the Moroccan immigrants now settled abroad, did not migrate there initially for educational purposes and did not enroll directly into particular jobs. Most of them instead went there looking to sell hard labor for money and with little knowledge about the host countries’ language, belief, customs and traditions. They at best ended up cramped in huge neighborhoods with other migrants. They clung to a rigid lifestyle for years without integrating. They just kept answering their bodily desires while selling their labor. Their children do not seek to enter schools or if they do, drop out early, constituting a backlog for the work force. Some of them practice prostitution, theft and rioting. This serves as an incentive for parents to push their children towards religion, and therefore extremism and the rejection of the host country’s culture!

The Islamization of Europe is one of the problems that increases the size of hostility toward Moroccan and Muslim immigrants at large. It is such that we now hear and read on some websites belonging to the Arab community living in Europe terms like the “Islamic Republic of Europe,” and comments that announce the near death of the European civilization, citing the low birth rate among European families as opposed to the massive amount of Islamic migration into European nations! A number of ancient churches were transformed into mosques… How far will the patience of secular European citizens go?

Radical Islamic movements represent the true nature of Islam, given that they do not take into account the interests of any parties and rely instead on the interpretation of unambiguous religious texts from the Koran and the Sunna (the Prophet’s tradition). These movements do not act in the open and spread most of their messages through blogs and social networks, calling for a confrontation against other religions and beliefs and demanding the application of Sharia Law.

The demands of Muslims are incompatible with the European culture. These demands are based on an “absolute truth”. All those who differ shall be calledkaafir (infidels) upon which the divine retribution and the contempt of the whole community shall fall. God bestowed knowledge and light upon Muslims, therefore their religious specificity is supposed to be respected, even if it contradicts the most basic human right principles, such as the right to life and to difference, otherwise the Islamic sword is ready to answer the call of Allah!

This happens in Europe Nowdays:

English translation:

Allah make their children orphans … Amen!  Allah, disperse their wives and make children being orphans Amen! Allah, let the glory of Islam everywhere! Allah, give glory to our oppressed brothers in Palestine!. … Allah Akbar … Allah Wo Akbar … there is no god but Allah. … and the Zionist is the enemy of Allah. There is no God but Allah  and Shaheed (martyr) is the beloved of Allah.

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  1. I’ve discovered your blog today. Congratulations.

    About this post, I think that you only look at one part of the whole. What is not right, and gives reasons to the people who hates, is the difference when judging the christians and muslims.
    All things permited to christians should be permited to anyone else. Of course, the same for the forbidden things. But this is not the case, at least in Spain, where I am from.
    If the pope is invited to Spain and says that religion must be teached at school by the people he wants, and it’s accepted, there’s no reason to deny the same to muslims.
    If you can open a church, a buddist center, anywhere, you can not forbid to open a mosque.
    All this is happening, so the complaints about racism/hate to muslims can be used objectively by people who hates freedom.

    The other point is that about “the true Islam”. Is as muslim who is open minded as the most conservative. The muslims I know tend to define the people who has different points of view about religion as “not really muslims”. Don’t do the same, please!
    There are many many muslims who accept atheism, separation between religion and laws, etc. The same for christians. The conservative ones hate them and say they are not really muslims. Why should we do the same and obly them to choose between being atheists or rigorist muslims?

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