Don’t rape your children’s minds

Let your children grow with freedom like other children in the world and help them choose by their own so as to be able to make their own decisions once they are adults, That is one of their rights you can give to them.

One of the problems which we suffer within our societies is the repression practiced against children which will cause them to trip down in their way to live a normal life. They grow up unable to know right from wrong, handicapped to take a step forward to successful life.

Fathers should not impose their doctrines, dogmas and religions etc on their children by force. Those who want to implant faith in the hearts of their children should realize that they are taking away their children’s humanity.

It’s a quite wrong to raise your children in an environment that is too much fanatic to your religion because this will generate the hatred towards other religions and make it difficult for them to coexist and mingle with others who hold different views, different religious beliefs and different cultures.

Forgiveness is an ethical value that exists only in a peaceful world; therefore it should be implanted in the hearts of our children.

Doctrine choice can be done only when human being is able to make decision by his/her own and his/her family should respect his/her decisions.

Human being should not be labeled by religions as religion is not an identity; it is supposed to be something personal between the man and his creature.

Sadly parents help get their children into their dogmatic jail while new born babies come to life free from any doctrines.

We are living in the science and technology century where the internet becomes the main device, if not the only, for human communication and it is quite necessary to allow our kids to use such great tool freely without any restrictions taking into consideration that they still need our guidance as well.

Parents should be aware to the fact that the child is a responsibility not a property and government should guarantee the protection of children of any physical, emotional or sexual abuse and make sure of the safety of the environment where the children are raised.

No one is allowed to label children as Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Marxist, or Anarchist. Because kid will be a kid without ideological affiliations till he/she chooses by his/her own according to his/her satisfaction which has been formed out of awareness and knowledge

Take few minutes to watch this GREAT video by the blogger and youtuber Reem Abdel Razek.

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  1. I am absolutely against brainwashing kids, it’s just so unright

  2. Manuel Störmer

    Yes, as i today had to visit the christian worship of Ash wednesday, i can say, that i am totally against it… But there are many institutions, who strive to indoctrinate the children from birth on. It’s very hard to shake that off…

  3. Cassidy Garner

    Problem is, childhood indoctrination is the only way to get a reasonably smart child to believe in such crap.

  4. i am against male circumcision, this must be forbidden ,this is sexual mutilation, circumcisors must be jail .

  5. Totally agree with you. Though, some parents chose to introduce their religion to their children at an early age in order to give them a reason to hold on to, or a reason to behave. Religion can be their only motivation towards the right paths, though what these parents ignore is that the only way religion is able to be a motivation is when it grows inside their hearts, not because they are pushed to believe in it, or because they are scared of their after life. Others are frightned with the thought that their children might follow what to their eyes is the wrong religion, which causes the parents to impose their religion on their children.

  6. Indoctrination of religion on children is wrong. As Richard Dawkins said; A child isn’t any more capable of deciding their religious beliefs than they are deciding their political standpoint…

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